Liturgical Committee

PICT1574The Liturgy Committee is responsible for planning various liturgies throughout the year.  It is also responsible for the decorations in the church and at the altar.  In addition, it prepares the schedules for the servers, Eucharistic ministers, lectors, cantors, organists and greeters.

Time required:  Members of this committee attend a two-hour meeting the second Saturday of the month.

Contact: Fran Chomel –  825-1525

Council Membership


Fran Chomel (Chair)

Susan Kiefer

Maureen Holm

Debbie Barrett

Carol Hunter

Larry Hinkle

Erika Owen

Karen Lippincott

JJ Huber

Melissa Brumback

Deb Ripberger

Angela Fuller

Liturgy Committee Minutes (as submitted to Pastoral Council)

September 2016